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Baby On Board 17

Baby On Board 17

Scarcella Designz

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Decal Size: 150mm wide x 150mm high

This decal is made using exterior grade vinyl.

When selecting your colour choice, please keep in mind the lighter colours shows better on your cars glass.

Colours may appear differently due to different monitors/screens.  We take no responsibility for these inconsistencies.

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Exterior Decal Features

Vinyl Specifications

Vinyl Product Description:

The vinyl used is a high performance calendered vinyl developed for computer-cut graphics for vehicles, window decals, and long term applications onto flat or slightly curved surfaces. The soft handle 70 micron face film and high grade solvent based adhesive allows for wet and dry application as well as clean removal. Exterior durability is 8 years for black and white, 7 years for colours and 5 years for metallic colours. White Gloss has a blue contrast liner.

Face Film

Face Film: Polymeric calendered PVC 
Gauge: 70 micron nominal 
Tensile Strength 47N/25mm MD / 43N/25mm TD 
Elongation at break 180% MD nominal 
Shrinkage -0.5% MD max / -0.2% TD max


Type Permanent solvent-based acrylic 
Weight 22gsm nominal 
Adhesion to glass 20 mins 15N/25mm nominal 
Adhesion to glass 24 hour 20N/25mm nominal 
Perceived tack Medium 
Shear strength Medium to high 
Application temperature +5°C to +60°C 
Service temperature -30°C to +110°C

Release Liner

Type Kraft paper Printed 
Gauge 145 mym nominal 
Weight 140 gsm nominal


External weathering 8 years for black and white, 7 years for colours and 5 years for metallics; in vertical exposure under northern European conditions. 
Fire Rating Class B. BS EN 13501-1:2007 
Chemical Resistance Resistant to mineral oils, fats and fuels, aliphatic solvents, mild acids, salt and alkali for e.g. diesel oil, gasoline, paraffin, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, soap suds etc.

Application Guidelines

May be applied with a wet or dry application.

 Apply unstressed, in particular to curves and recesses. It is not suitable for application over rivets or complex recesses.

 Not recommended for use on low energy surfaces such as polypropylene.

Application Temperature

In cold conditions vinyl can make application difficult, as the initial adhesion of the vinyl will be reduced and the time taken for the adhesive to cure completely will be longer.

The recommended application temperature for applying vinyl using a ‘dry application method’ is at least 10 Degrees and for a ‘wet application method’ is at least 17 Degrees.  Application in temperatures below 5 Degrees is not recommended.

When applying vinyl graphics to a vehicle in cold weather always try to work indoors and raise the temperature of the vehicle by using a fan heater inside with the vehicle doors open.  When this is not possible, for example an exterior application in winter conditions, it is very important to make absolutely sure that the adhesive has established a good bond to the substrate.

Aligning and Applying Sign Vinyl Decals

Apply a 50mm tab of masking tape to fix each in place horizontally.  Apply a third strip of masking tape vertically across the centre from top to bottom; the tape should extend above and below the decal and fix it to the substrate.

Start with the right hand side of the decal and cut or tear the 50mm strip of masking tape, leaving half on the substrate.  Turn the right hand side of the graphic back on itself.  Peel away the silicone release liner, cutting it at the centre point where the vertical masking tape fixes the decal to the substrate, and discard.  When peeling decals away from the silicone release liner always try to keep them as flat as possible and peel back the release liner towards you.  This will reduce the chance of damage to fine details or serifs.

The first half of the decal can now be lightly applied by holding it taught and using the two parts of the 50mm masking tape tab to align it perfectly.  Squeegee down firmly.

Remove the vertical strip of masking tape and repeat for the left hand side of the decal.

Finally remove the application tape by peeling away at 45 Degrees to the direction of the text and 180 Degrees to the surface.

Air bubbles can be removed by puncturing with the tip of a scalpel.

This method of application can be modified for large graphics (in excess of 2m).  Apply vertical stripes of masking tape at two, three or more intervals.  Cut the graphic half way between these points to form smaller panels and proceed as described above.

Care Instructions

Please refrain from washing you car or leaving it in the rain in the first 5 days after installation due to the adhesive still needing to stick correctly.  Car wash or cleaning products will hinder the process.

For a short amount of time that the vinyl/wrap is still curing, you may notice bubbles.  These should start to disappear from regular drivingorbeing exposed to sunlight.  It can take a few weeks, depending on how the signage is used.

It is recommended when washing the vinyl/wrap that a PH neutral product is used.

If using a pressure washer, please insure that you keep the spray at least 1 metre away from the surface as the pressure may lift the edges of the vinyl/wrap.

Do not use abrasive or resin based products as it can cause a haze.



The nature of print is that our processing, production and postage time frames can vary, though we do our best to ensure the quickest turnaround on each order. We ship using Australia Post, and we are not responsible for any delays caused by the courier.

Please contact us so we can look after you, well before your due date. We want you to receive your garments on time and are only a phone call or an email away.